Ultra Paws

$ 14.95 


Ultra Paws Doggie Socks - Set of 4
Durable - Non-Skid - Can be used as Boot Liners or as Indoor Booties/Slippers

High Quality & Versatile booties!  Use indoors for traction on slippery surfaces. Socks may be used inside of dog boot for increased warmth or to protect from rub spots caused by boots. 

FEATURES: Generous silicone swirl grip on the sole for traction. Wide, double-layer cuff holds Sock in place. No interior threads to catch on the dog's claws. Use indoors for traction on slippery surfaces. Socks may be used inside of dog boots for increased warmth. Black and grey with silk screen logo. Comes with Four (4) socks per set   
ULTRA EASY: Open the cuff wide and slide the paw into the Sock. Trim your dog's nails short.   
ULTRA CARE: Machine wash, cold water, low heat to dry.

Sizing - See Size Chart in Photo Gallery to Determine Correct Size
Sizing varies by brand & garment, please measure your dog and compare to the size chart before purchasing. 
Breed sizes shown in chart below are for general information only and NOT guaranteed - measure your dog's paw to be sure.
Important - Boot sizing is NOT the same as apparel. Please be sure to measure!   Put your dog's paw on a piece of paper and trace around the paw. Measure between the marks. Don't include the nails unless they are unusually long.  Please trim long nails before using socks.

Please note - While these socks are very durable in normal use, they may not hold up well for dogs who drag their feet or have long nails. They are not intended to be used outdoors without other boots.  They must fit correctly to stay on properly, if they fall off or twist around they are most likely an incorrect size. See size chart.