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TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel
Choose from Regular or a Version specially for Cats / Puppies

NO Brushing Necessary!
Works fast and naturally helps reduce plaque and tarter on dogs' and cats' teeth. NO BRUSHING REQUIRED! Works fast and naturally helps reduce plaque and tartar on dogs' and cats' teeth. A proprietary blend of natural holistic ingredients produce, a healthy oral environment. It kills the germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis. No toothbrush is required (although you can use one if you like), and this product is half the retail price of other gels

Removes Plaque & Tartar
Works fast and naturally to help reduce plaque and tartar with no toothbrush required. A proprietary blend of natural, holistic ingredients produce a healthy oral environment. Kills the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. Soothes minor gum irritations. For clean teeth and 'up close' fresh breath everyday!

Use the Puppy Version to Address Plaque & Tartar Before It Starts
Periodontal disease is the number one disease among dogs, effecting nearly 80% by age three. Developing good oral care habits at an early age is key to promoting complete pet wellness throughout the entire life of our dog. Fresh Breath Puppy Gel begins working immediately to address plaque and tartar before it starts - no toothbrush required. A blend of gentle and safe ingredients promote a healthy oral environment. For puppies 16 weeks & up. 

Tropiclean is an environmentally conscious company. The bottles are made from recycled materials (PCR), post consumer resin. The sleeve labels are made from corn which makes them natural, renewable, biodegradable and 100% recyclable! As a US based manufacturing company, they have selected products and materials made in the USA, from the bottles to the caps. Pet Friendly. Cruelty Free. Made in USA.

Please note that the manufacturer is in the process of updating packaging, so the one you get may appear different than the photo, however the product itself is the same.