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Starmark Pro-Training Collar
Gentle, effective control in a patented humane design. The certified professional training and behavior specialists at Starmark Academy develop Starmark's Training Tools. They promote effective communication with your dog, and help you shape desired behaviors.

Key Benefits
-Gentle & Effective Control for Obedience Training
-Pronged, linked design is gentle but effective in enforcing pack leadership
-Helps prevent pulling and lunging behavior
-Has appearance of a flat collar
-High Strength Polymer for Durability
-Create a Perfect Fit - Linked “watch band” design allows for sizing adjustments (extra links sold separately in this listing)

Sizing - Measure your dog's neck - The collar sizes shown are adjustable by adding or removing links to get the exact size you need.
Small: 15-inch circumference
Large: 21-inch circumference
The newer versions have a Quick Release Snap. We still have some Small collars in stock without the quick release if you prefer (select 'Collar' for 'Item' in the boxes above). Please see instructions on how to put on each type collar.

Extra Links are available in our Add A Link pack available separately in this listing. Links sold here are in packs of 3 and do not include the basic collar.

Not to be used as an everyday collar, only intended for training purposes