Rubit! Dog Tag Clip - Removeable ID Tag Holder


$ 6.50 


Rubit! Dog Tag Holder
Carabiner Clip - Easily Remove Tags to change collars or silence at night! - See important info below about Sizing

The Rubit (roo'-bit') Dog Tag Clip is a simple, stylish, and secure clip that let's you swiftly transition tags to different collars. When you want to change collars, you just unclip the Rubit from your old collar and clip it to the new one. It's that easy!
Rubit Dog Tag Clip Features:
-Attaches directly to a dog’s collar
-Easy to put on, quick to secure
-Change dog collars, easily move the dog tags
-Remove the Rubit! to quiet tag jingle at night
-Available in small, medium, and large
-Includes split ring for tags

SIZING Recommendations
Clips come in small, medium, and large, to correspond with the different sizes of your pet and collar. However, there are certain factors to consider when making your decision. If you have concerns due to joint pain or diminished motor skills, we would recommend using the Large Rubit! Clips. The large is the approx size of a quarter (33.3mm). The medium is approx size of a nickle (27.2mm). The small is the approx size of a dime (21.9mm)

1 - Size of the Collar
Each size clip is designed to fit on specific collar sizes. While the Small, Medium, and Large Rubit! Clips will fit on any size D-ring, you may find that the Small Rubit! Clip is hard to get off a larger size D-ring. This is simply due to the diameter of the clip. Using the Small Rubit! Clip on a larger size D-ring will leave less space for the clip gate to open. We recommend the Large clip for Medium to XL Collars, the Medium clip for Small to Medium Collars and the Small clip for only Tiny or XS Collars.

2- Size of the Pet
Do you have a very small animal? If so, you may want to choose the Small Rubit! Clip as opposed to the Medium or the Large. The height of your animal may help determine his or her comfort level with the clip. Keep in mind the small clip will be difficult to remove from larger D Rings so it should be used on very small D rings only.

3 - Personal Considerations
While each of the sizes is easy to use, some may find using the gate on the smaller Rubit! Clips is harder because they are smaller. If you have concerns due to joint pain or diminished motor skills, we would recommend using the Large Rubit! Clips