$ 9.75 


Aria Canine Royal BowTie Collar

Our Aria™ Canine Royale Dog Bowties are the perfect accessory for any breed.  Add a sophisticated look to any canine wardrobe with our Canine Royale Bowties. They have a comfortable, easy-fit Velcro® strap and are designed to fit most dogs. Perfect for any event!  This collar is decorative only and is not intended to be used with a leash attached.  

Available Colors - Black with White Collar, Red Sequins with White Collar, Silver Sequins with White Collar or Green Tartan with White Collar
Small - 8"-11" Necks
Medium - 10 - 14" Necks
Large - 13"-17" Necks
Sizing varies by brand & garment, please measure your dog and compare to the size chart before purchasing.
Please note that the small size bow tie may be slightly smaller than it appears on the dogs in the photo.  The photo shows a Medium tie and the bow is larger than the small bow

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