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ProSelect The Control Bowl 
Slow Feed Bowl to slow down eating

The ProSelect® Control Bowl has a narrowed, x-shape interior that makes dogs work for the meals, slowing down their eating time and helping to reduce the instances of GDV (Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus) or "Bloat".   Four convenient notches around the bowl's rim allow for easy pick up off the floor  Food and dishwasher-safe  Available in either lightweight plastic or heavy duty melamine. 

Available in either Plastic or Heavy Duty Melamine in 3 Sizes:
Small -  8.5" Diameter, 1.5" Tall - Holds up to 1-1/4 cups
Medium -  11.5" Diameter, 2.5" Tall - Holds up to 4 cups
Large -  14.5" Diameter, 3" Tall - Holds up to 7 cups

The plastic version only comes in blue.  The melamine version has colors based on size - Small comes in White (Birch) only, Medium comes in Red (Terracotta) only, and Large comes in Blue (Cobalt) only.