PortablePet WaterBoy Travel Bowl


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WaterBoy Travel Bowl for Dogs & Cats
Water will not spill or splash even when upside down! Holds up to 3 Quarts. Perfect for RV, Car, Boat, Airplane and more.

Taking care of watering your cats and dogs while on the boat, traveling in the car or long walks shouldn't have to be a chore, for you or your pet. Simply be ready with Heininger's PortablePET WaterBoy carry-along spill-free water bowl.

It's ingenious design makes it easy to set it upright while in storage and then simply lay it down on a flat surface to give your pet a drink. The unique built-in bowl only allows water to flow in while your pet drinks. This limits spill potential and ensures only fresh water in the bowl.

When the bowl is layed down flat, the water level in the cup will remain at about 1/2" at all times. As your pet drinks, more water will flow into the bottom of the cup from the reservoir until finished.

Don't be surprised if your pet prefers this over their regular bowl at home. In warm weather you can add ice to the reservoir.