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$ 9.99 


2 Way Nylon Leash Coupler
Walk 2 Dogs at Once!
Coupler Only (leash not included)
These 2-Way Nylon Dog Couplers allow two dogs to be walked together more efficiently on one lead. A great choice for dog walkers, doggie daycare owners, or any dog owner with multiple pets. Makes walking multiple dogs easy and convenient. Made of high quality durable nylon with heavy-duty, nickel-plated swivel snaps.

4" coupler is designed for small breeds
12" coupler is for medium to large breeds 
24" coupler provides the greatest mobility for the largest breeds 
Nylon width vares by size, choose your preference when selecting above. 
The length shown is for each side of the coupler. For example, the 12" coupler is 12" long on each side, so the dogs could seperate by 24".