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The KONG Wet Wubba is perfectly designed for use in water and snow. Covered with neoprene, this product is both high-floating and dries quickly. For your convenience, the Wet Wubba can also be used on dry land. The KONG Wet Wubba will have you ready for a rousing game of tug or fetch anytime, anywhere.

Two balls and four flowing tails are covered in a neoprene fabric, making it easy to spot as it floats on top of the water. The long tails make it easier to throw a long distance. The Wet Wubba is fast drying and ready to bring in the house when your dog is tired of swimming.

Large: Approx 14 inches Long
X-Large: Approx 17 inches Long

Covered in neoprene (wetsuit fabric) for play in water
Perfect for interactive games of tug and fetch
No squeaker
Easily floats and highly visible