KeepSafe BREAK-AWAY Safety Collar - XL

Premier PetSafe

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KeepSafe Break-Away Dog Collar 
by Premier/PetSafe* - Collar will breakaway if it gets caught on an object or another dog.

The KeepSafe Break-Away Collar protects your dog by using a patented safety buckle that releases in emergency situations, such as when a dog is entangled with an object or another dog. Many Pet Parents care for their dogs as true members of the family. As such, they value safety and take the utmost precautions to protect their beloved pets from harm. The KeepSafe Break-Away Collar helps Pet Parents protect their dog with a patented safety buckle that releases in emergency situations, such as when a dog is entangled with an object or another dog. 

Sizing - See Size Chart in Photo Gallery to Determine Correct Size. Sizing varies by brand & garment, please measure your dog and compare to the size chart before purchasing. 

How does it work? If a dog's KeepSafe collar becomes entangled, sufficient force is supplied to cause the safety buckle to release, freeing the dog from danger and saving it from possible strangulation. After the collar has released, it can be reattached and used again and again. And, you don't have to worry about the safety buckle releasing while walking your dog on a leash. The KeepSafe collar has an override feature to prevent unwanted release. Simply attach the leash snap to the two "D" rings that cross over the safety buckle, and the break-away feature is disengaged. 

Features and Benefits: KeepSafe is the only collar with a break-away safety buckle designed to protect dogs from collar injuries. Made from high-quality materials, the KeepSafe Collar has successfully undergone rigorous laboratory and field testing by veterinarians, trainers and breeders. The breaking strength of the safety buckle is engineered to correspond with the collar size. Reusable after release. To walk your dog on a leash, simply snap the leash onto both D-rings. Attach ID tag to one D-ring.

The Petite (XS) Collar has a different clasp system than the other sizes. It uses a single breakaway clasp. See photo below.

*Note - In 2010 Radio Systems Corp acquired Premier Pet Products. Radio Systems owns PetSafe among other brands. They are now moving Premier Pet products to the PetSafe brand.  The products themselves are remaining the same, only the labeling will be different.  The collar you receive will be either Premier or PetSafe brand.  We can not guarantee which one you will receive as our stock contains collars with both labels.