Guardian Gear PRONG COLLAR

Guardian Gear

$ 13.95 


Guardian Gear Prong Collar
with Removable Blunt-Cut Rubber Tips

These high-quality Guardian Gear® Prong Collars are chrome-plated for durability and feature removable blunt-cut rubber tips on smooth and rounded prongs to prevent injury. These great training aids provide a heavy-duty yet safe alternative to standard choke chains. Ruggedly constructed of electronically welded steel for added strength. Will not rust, tarnish or break. All Guardian Gear Collars are guaranteed for life.

Sizing:  See size chart in the photo gallery to determine correct size.  The collar should fit snug and high on the neck. It may be necessary to add or remove links to get the right fit. Links can be added/removed for a custom fit.  

Extra Links/Replacement Links are also available for purchase separately in this listing. Extra links come in a 3 pack. It is important to get the same size links as the collar size. For example if the collar is 2.25mm x 14" long then you would need to be sure to get the 2.25mm links.

Prong collars are not intended for use in any tie-out situation and should not be left on your dog when crated or unattended. Consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their individual situation and accepts full responsibility by using this product. Proper fit and use of a prong collar is essential to insure your dog's safety. Please consult a professional trainer to learn proper use of a prong collar before using