Guardian Gear MARTINGALE DOG COLLAR - 2 Styles

Guardian Gear - Zack Zoey

$ 7.50 


Guardian Gear Martingale Dog Collar
2 Styles - All Nylon or Nylon & Chain - Note - Sizing is different by Style!

Guardian Gear Martingale Collars are a great alternative to traditional choke chains! These collars work just like a choke collar. They tighten when a dog pulls, and relax when a dog stops pulling. Also works to prevent dogs from backing out of their collars. Great for breeds with large necks and small heads like greyhounds. Provides the convenience of adjustable sizing with the safety of a limited range of choke collar action. Collar size adjusts as pressure is applied to the leash. Limited slip closure ensures that the collar will not injure pets.

Matching Leash Sold Separately - See our Guardian Gear Nylon Leash and look for matching shade.

We have another type of Martingale Collar with Quick Release Buckles  - See the Coastal Check Training Collar

Note - As with most collars on the market, Martingale collars are not intended for use in any tie-out situation and should not be left on your dog when crated or unattended. Consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their individual situation and accepts full responsibility by using this product. Proper fit and use of a Martingale collar is essential to insure your dog's safety.