FLUSH PUPPIES Doodie Bags - Flushable Compostable

Flush Puppies

$ 9.49 


Flush Puppies Doodie Bags
Choose from 4 Versions - Dispenser with 2 Rolls (20 Total Bags), 8 Pack of Refill Rolls (80 Total Bags) 4 Pack of Refill Rolls (40 Total Bags) or 3 Pack of On the Go Bags Wallet Style (60 Total Bags)
Each is sold seperately (not a set)

Finally, a super sanitary solution for cleaning up after your dog!

Flush Puppies™ Doodie bags are Certified Compostable in industrial compost facilities that accept pet waste, where they will disintegrate and biodegrade swiftly.*  (Sorry, home composters, they’re not suitable for backyard composting!) 

Flush Puppies™ are flushable, too.  Yes, really… flushable.  Made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) which is a water soluble alternative to regular plastic. Flush Puppies™ are specifically made to be flushed down the toilet along with your pet’s waste.  Unlike regular plastic bags or other so-called “biodegradable” poop bags, Flush Puppies™ actually break down in water. What you do with the bags is completely up to you — compost ‘em, flush ‘em or trash ‘em.   Bag the poop, toss it in the toilet, and flush.  Your local wastewater treatment facility will do the rest!  Flush Puppies™ are clean and simple.

The bags are made 2x as thick as normal plastic bags so they won't break down unless intentionally submerged. If there’s some light rain or moisture on the ground, it should not compromise the bag. Plus, the major decomposition of the bags happens after flushing with increased water stress, temperature, and microbial content. 

Bags are approx 8" x 10"

Do not close or tie bag prior to flushing. Leave bag open.

Use with care if you have low flow toilet or old plumbing - some Flush Puppies’ users with “low-flow” toilets or really old plumbing have told the manufacturer that it can take more than one flush to get everything down.  If that’s the case, let the Flush Puppies bag sit in the water for 10 minutes before attempting to flush again.  If flushing simply isn’t an option for you, you can still put Flush Puppies in the trash or in an industrial compost facility that accepts pet waste; remember, Flush Puppies bags are certified compostable (for industrial composting only) and contain no polyethylene plastic!