EZ SOFT RECOVERY COLLAR Fabric Elizabethan E-Collar


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EZ Soft Recovery Collar
Flexstay™ Fabric Elizabethan Collar for Dogs & Cats by KVP*

The new EZ Soft™ recovery collar from KVP gives owners, veterinarians and vet techs a fast and simple soft collar that goes on quickly, stays on and maintains its shape to reduce irritation to the pet. Its patented features help minimize trauma everyone involved. No more cumbersome knots to tie! Unique collar drawstring enables the owner to tighten or loosen, as necessary. The soft, flexible fabric with Flexstay™ technology makes it less likely for a pet to get stuck between fence posts or under furniture. Plus, there's no annoying "clunking" sound common with other protective collars.

Full body coverage
Flexstay™ technology maintains collar’s shape
Soft, tear-resistant material
Machine washable
Cinch-tight toggle for easy sizing
Lycra® neckline for additional comfort

KVP is a well known company providing products to veterinarians and other pet professionals. They make veterinarian related products for Kong, FURminator, Baskerville. This product is the veterinary version of the Kong EZ Soft Collar.

Please note that this E-Collar is not as stiff as the traditional plastic cone. However it does the trick in most cases. As will all alternative type Elizabethan Collars, depending on the location of the injury and the dog's determination it may not be effective in all cases.

We also have traditonal plastic cones & inflatable collars - please see our other listings.