DOG TAG CLIP Removable ID Holder


$ 5.95 


Dog Tag Clip
Quickly Remove Tags to Switch Collars - Includes Split Ring for Tags
Fits on most collars & harnesses with D rings (or similar hardware) Small - XL
(May not be appropriate for extra-small/tiny dogs due to the length & weight)

2 Styles (both are secure and allow quick release):
Snap - Traditional snap bolt action, just slide the bolt to open and unhook. Same mechanism as used on most leashes. Approx 1-3/4" long.
Wire Gate - Similar to a carabiner clip, just push in gate and unhook. Comes in Nickel and Black Nickel. Approx 1-1/2" long.

Our Dog Tag Clip is a simple and secure clip that let's you swiftly transition tags to different collars. When you want to change collars, you just unclip it from one collar and clip it to the other. It enables you to quickly remove the tags at night for silence!  Or remove and attach to kennel doors. If you dog sit alot you can use one of these to attach your contact info to visiting dogs! The uses are endless!

This quality clip is made from nickle plated cast iron steel and allows the tags to swivel.  Comes with a standard nickel-plated split ring.