CLIX HOUSE LINE 8' Indoor Training Lead


$ 8.50 


Clix House Line - 8' Indoor Training Lead
Regular or Puppy versions - both are lightweight 3/8" wide nylon.

These are useful for managing your dogs behavior in the home. You can use a houseline to get your dog away from potential problems without being confrontational or giving him any attention. Remember not to leave a houseline on your dog whilst unattended in case of mishap. There is no big handle loop on the end so as not to catch on things around the house.

This lightweight lead is used to interrupt a puppy or dog's undesirable behaviours in the house, without the need for unnecessary confrontation or misunderstanding. House Lines are particularly useful to train your puppy during those demanding early days, allowing you to interrupt jumping-up, stealing, chewing, digging, chasing and many other unwanted behaviours. These leads provide hands-off management of dogs and puppies and come with a comprehensive training guide.