ChuckIt! ULTRA TUG Ball


$ 9.95 


ChuckIt! Ultra Tug Ball
3 Sizes (Large is temporarily out of stock)

The durable ball with a Nylon Strap is sure to be a favorite toy. It is compatible with Chuckit! Launchers. If you don't have one, you can still get plenty of distance throwing this ball by using the strap to get an extra boost. Dogs love it as a rugged rubber shake toy designed around the Chuckit! Ultra Ball. The strap make it great for a game of 'chase me' , 'tug of war' and 'go fetch'

Key Benefits
High Visibility two-tone ball
Rugged rubber shake, tug and toss toy
Launcher compatible (not included)

Small: 2 inches
Medium: 2.5 inches
Large: 3 inches